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Checking out Technorat

I am in the process of checking out Technorati, a website which moniters the influence of blog sites so you can find the best blogs in any given category.

Email Marketing - Don’t be afraid to send too much email

The most influential takeaway point that Dan (@DanZarrella) presented during The Science of Email Marketing Webinar was ‘Don’t be afraid to send too much email’.

Generally it is assumed that the more emails that are sent to subscribers, the more likely they are to unsubscribe or start ignoring your emails, it turns out that there can be a huge benefit to sending more email with the consequences being less severe than you think.

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Email Marketing - Use lots of links

This post is related to: The Science of Email Marketing - Webinar Breakdown

A correlation exists between a email campaign’s link frequency and its unsubscribe rate. As Dan (@DanZarrella) discovered that an increase in linkage resulted in a decreased unsubscribe rate!

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The Science of Email Marketing - Webinar Breakdown

Last Thursday Dan Zarrella (@DanZarrella) a social media marketing scientist, covered the basic science of email marketing to over 20,000 users via a HubSpot webinar.

Dan was very lucky to have access to over 9.5 billion campaigns to analyse (courtesy of @MailChimp), full of interesting email marketing factors such as click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, subject lines, frequency of email sends and every other conceivable piece of email campaign data you can imagine. Data analysis produced some interesting results which counters some popular e-marketing assumptions.

Over the next few days I will go over some of the takeaway tips from the webinar and provide some personal insight into the findings and hopefully in doing so will help small businesses make the right e-marketing decisions in the future.

  • Businesses are consumers.
  • Try sending emails on weekends, send emails very early in the morning.
  • Optimise your emails for mobiles.
  • Use lots of links in your emails.
  • Include reference information in your emails.
  • Serialize and label your emails.
  • Give your subscribers special access.
  • Send emails from someone they’ve heard of.
  • Don’t be afraid to send too much email.
  • Your newest subscribers are your best.
  • Make them want to get your emails.
  • Ask people to follow you, not to share your emails.

To watch the webinar yourself please visit Hubspot’s Science of Email Marketing

"Tweets are for Twits"

Last night I was having a chat to a friend that is in the marketing team for a small company with a great product.

I asked about their social media strategy for the company and was surprised to hear that the boss stated that “Tweets are for Twits” and that the social media was to be a low priority! Instead there was to be a focus on sales.

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If you have more money than brains, use outbound marketing.
If you have more brains than money, use inbound marketing.
Guy Kawasaki - Hubspot

I’m attending this HubSpot webinar. Can’t wait! I will report my impressions and findings on Friday.